I am very passionate about my photography and simply love interacting, connecting and inspiring the people I work with.  I have a vibrant personality and possess the interpersonal skills necessary to build a natural rapport and get on with others.  My creativity, eye for the detail and quickness of mind allows me to be flexible and quickly adapt to any changing circumstances.

I bring all these personal traits to each new photography assignment together with a high level of professionalism, whilst at all times being fully sensitive to my clients’ individual needs.

I have dedicated myself to becoming an exceptionally talented photographer and as a result of my focus, commitment and effort I am totally confident in my ability to deliver images of the highest quality.  Nevertheless, I will always consider myself a devoted and enthusiastic student of photography as there is always something new to understand or experiment with, and it is this willingness to continually learn that helps me develop both personally and professionally.

My cinematography benefits from my unlimited imagination and with my photography I hope to capture the many facets of an individual’s personality and appearance, and look to explore all creative possibilities to the fullest.  Étoile Photography allows me to express and share my creativity and vision, whilst producing beautiful and memorable images that have both a strong visual and emotional impact.