An Étoile photograph is more than a simple snapshot and each image is specifically crafted to capture and reveal your personal story.  At Étoile we create and sell a fabulous photographic experience which is designed to reveal a beautiful REFLECTION, captures those special MOMENTS or realise a long-held VISION.

Each commission is tailored to your individual style, taste or need and your Étoile  photographic experience will be truly memorable, enjoyable and fun.  Depending upon your exact requirements we can also collaborate with a team of professional hair and wardrobe stylists, make-up artists, set designers, retouchers and videographers.  It is the collective energy, commitment and professionalism of this combined team which allows Etoile to create images that you will love, treasure and behold.

The team at Étoile consist of photographers and creatives who consider themselves to be part artist, part craftsman, part script-writer and part director.  However, no story can be created, written or performed without it’s main characters and you are the true stars of the stories that each Étoile images beholds.   Are you ready to express yourself?

Your choice of location will be your stage and your story can be revealed from the comfort of your own home or from the convenience of a local studio or boutique venue.  We use the latest professional quality digital camera and lighting equipment and our willingness to travel means we are available to shoot on location throughout the country.  Where necessary we can also employ the use of  professional location scouts to find that perfect setting that inspires and excites you.

We place a great deal of importance on getting to know our clientele prior to the shoot, as we believe that the best and most natural looking images result from a close working relationship.  Therefore, we thoroughly recommend arranging a pre-shoot meeting so as to break the ice and discuss your brief in greater detail.  This meeting will always be arranged at a time and location that is convenient to you and this will also allow us to review and exchange sample images inspire  as-well-as allow us to build your own personal story-board.   We appreciate that a face-to-face meeting may not always be possible due to distance,  busy lifestyles etc., so this initial meeting can take place online via Skype.

If you are inspired by the Étoile ethos and our beautiful images then perhaps you are ready to step into a beautiful light and shine.

So, are you ready to take your stage?  Are you ready reveal your story?